Trending to bagless vacuum cleaners.

Who wants the inconvenience of purchasing vacuum cleaner bags?  Most people certainly don't want the hassle and bags especially name branded are expensive.  A few generations ago, there was the cloth shake out bag which was a mess but recently many manufacturers have given their customers the ability to shake out from a dust cup.

Dust cups are still messy.  There is Dyson and Shark, the industry leaders and certainly known in American.  As someone in the industry for 40 years, the quality is not always there in these appliances.  Miele now offers a solution to bagless quality with their CX-1 Blizzard.  The Blizzard can be configured with a straight suction rug & floor tool, a rug/carpet turbo with a separate hard surface (think floors) tool or an electric power brush with a separate hard surface tool.

For people who just don't want an upright vacuum.  The Miele CX-1 Blizzard might just be their solution in 2018.