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Boost Mobile and Xfinity Prepaid credit as you go.  Need a phone...a TV/Wifi experience or a laptop.  We give you three ways -- you can touch see see it and you can use it before buying and we beat the competition and the internet in pricing.

Xfinity Prepaid


 Shop, play games, and watch videos online with fast Internet download speeds. Plus, add Prepaid Instant TV service and watch live TV shows. ... The Xfinity Prepaid Internet Starter Kit is all you need to start streaming, gaming, shopping and sharing to all your ... 

Free LG Tribute


Get a Free LG Tribute when you port in to need your phone number and your pin number to port need to sign up for a Boost unlimited plan for the free phone.  New or upgrades the phone is $49.99.  There is a activation fee which we'll waive if you use promo code WAIVE6.

Need a $29 or $39 phone?


We have the best phones and then we have really good phones at a great price.  We also have a nice deal for $99.

Need a Lenovo Laptop


Limited brand new in the box laptops...we do not take laptops back as a return item...once they are purchased they are non-returnable.  Please see Lenovo for manufacturer's warranty information.

Current Deals


If we are low on phone you can always pay up front and we'll have a phone shipped over night.  We'll set it up and you can have your new phone in less than 48 hours, in most cases.

We are here to serve you


Please ask your questions and remember we'll help you with a new mobile phone, prepaid Xfinity and a new laptop. Laptops usually come with Microsoft Office installed but not activated...Activation does not come with laptop price.