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Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Sales Service & Repairs

Beverly Sew & Vac shop repairs any model of Kirby vacuum cleaners (including discontinued models).

Beverly Sewing Machines & Vacuum Cleaner shop repairs any model of Kirby vacuum cleaner (including discontinued models) with original Kirby brand parts and offers a quick turnaround on most Kirby models. 

Kirby Parts

Kirby Parts & Cleaning Products

Most Kirbys need a good cleaning tops...but sometimes a full rebuild from the bottom up.

40 years of Kirby Testimonials

Kirby Brushroll

You might need a new belt or a brushroll.  We have 100s of Kirby parts in stock or in our warehouse.

So what's the deal?


We are running a weekly Kirby special? We will clean, lubricate your Kirby vacuum cleaner for $149 plus parts. Does not include high buff (which we no longer do.) We will clean your bag inside and out using a soapy solvent. You motor should be cleaned & lubed every 5 years. Includes a one year warranty.

We sell Kirby Products

Kirby Pet Shampoo

Need Pet Shampoo?  Deodorizer?  Or do you need belts, bags, or a new hose?  We have what you need in our store or warehouse.   When you invest in a Kirby, you’re eliminate costs associated with paying a professional or renting cleaning equipment. Whether you’re shampooing a quick spot or your entire home, Kirby allows you to keep your home stain free at your convenience.  

The Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System has been awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Gold standard for soil removal, water recovery and appearance retention. 


Kirby vacuum cleaner fan

Most frequently asked question.

My Kirby vacuum vibrates when I turn it on.

Answer:  Every ten years of real hard use, your suction fan needs to be replaced.  We replace fans on even discontinued models.  Our base rate is $110 (we include the fans at this price).  We will also check the entire machine for free.  The price does not include motor cleaning and lubrication.  Unlike other repair centers we post our prices in writing on the internet.

Another question, how much would it cost to just do a entire up & down job with a new fan & new brushroll.  

Answer: Our price should be about $274 but we do this RIGHT NOW for $225 (parts included).  Includes a one year warranty.