Clean Obsessed Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Clean Obsessed

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Clean Obsessed Commercial Backpack Vacuum
  • 8 Piece Attachment Tool Kit. Cloth Bag-SMS High Filtration. Hepa Media Filter. Static Lift Amazing 115+ inches Of Suction power. Weight 11 lbs.
  • Built-in Heat Sensor. Specially Engineered Design Allows Exhaust To Be Directed Away From The User’s Body. 90 Degree Elbow Cuff Rotates 360 Degrees For Ease Of Use And Swivels On Both Ends.
  • Hose Stretches 4 Feet To 7 Feet. Adjustable Straps. Extra Cushion Shoulder Strap and Waist Bell. 50 Feet 16/3 Gauge Extension Cord With Lighted Ends.
  • Includes: Horsehair Round Brush. Upholstery Tool ( 5 inches wide). Slide on Horsehair Brush. 12 Inch Wide Horsehair Brush. 9 Inch Crevice Tool stores in handle of unit.