Electrolux PU3650 Builders Deluxe Package

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  • Electrolux PU3650 with Power Team Accessory Kit
  • Installation Package 
  • Free Vac Pan 
  • Everything you need to Install a Central Vacuum

The Electrolux Deluxe Builder's Package includes everything you need to install your central vacuum system. Featuring the PU3650 power unit by Electrolux and the Power Team attachment set, this package will help you to complete your installation with ease. The Quiet Clean power unit is capable of covering up to 8000 square feet and offers a built in monitoring system that alerts you when the 4 gallon dust receptacle needs to be emptied. The PU3650 is the quietest central vacuum on the market with it's included muffler and low-profile. The power unit requires minimal maintenance with it's self-cleaning filter that will never need to be replaced. The unit can be mounted in the garage, basement or other remote area of your home or even outside for increased filtration.

  • (9) 90 degree sweep elbowsCentral Vacuum Inlet Kit
  • (6) couplings
  • (1) 90 degree sweep
  • (3) 90 degree short elbows
  • (6) 45 degree elbows
  • (1) 45 degree wye
  • (6) pipe straps
  • (3) mounting brackets
  • (3) White Super Inlet Valves - Direct Connect
  • (1) can of PVC cement
  • (1) 65' 18-2 Low voltage wire