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OESD Stabilizer Guide

Embroidery just got fool proof and if you are just starting -- don't get confused -- we learn by doing.  If you are an advanced embroider, we have or can get everything you need.  Beverly Sewing Machine and Vacuum Cleaner is an authorized OESD dealer and we have teamed up with Bernette -- the sister company of Bernina -- to offer you a one two punch.  Actually, we offer four product categories -- embroidery thread, embroidery fabric, embroidery stabilizer, embroidery needles along with the Bernette B79 sewing & embroidery combo.  If you want a straight up embroidery machine, we have the Bernette B70 DECO.  Not entry level, modern programming and certainly leaves some other brands in the dust.  Not less performance but less money. 

OESD_Stabilizers (pdf)


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